Dart Tournament

October 1, 2022 - October 4, 2022

PPD Tournament of Champions

PPD TOC - 9th Annual Tournament of Champions October 1-4, 2022

What, When and Where: 
o What: A four (4) Day on-site event with added money tournaments each 
o When: Saturday October 1, 2022 – Tuesday October 4, 2022
o Where: Kansas City Missouri @ The KCI Exposition Center. Adjacent to 
the KC International Airport, this venue provides for evenly shared travel 
time and costs for attendees from across North America.
? Holiday Inn/KCI Expo Center
11728 N. Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, MO 64153
• Eligibility: An eligible player needs to meet event game and skill 
requirements, have an established average, player account and form 
W-9 filed at DartsTOC.com.
o Event Specific Requirements: Each TOC Event requires a certain 
number of games played within the 2022 TOC Year (July 15, 2021-July 14, 
? Voucher Owning Vendors: Players games for TOC eligibility can 
come from their vendor leagues, PPD Leagues & PPD Daily 
Remote Tournaments.
• You can see those players game counts by looking at the 
vendors standings page.
o Go to DartsTOC.com – Vendors Standings – Choose 
your vendor – Search Player
V2 Updated 5/9/2022|This version supersedes all previous 2
? Participation Based Vendors: Players games for TOC eligibility 
must come from PPD Leagues & PPD Daily Remote Tournaments.
• You can see those players game counts by looking at the 
All-Star Rank List. 
o Go to DartsTOC.com – All-Star Rank List – 2022 –
Search Player
? Doubles & Triples: At least 350 Games
? Finale Qualifier: At least 500 Games
• Men’s Minimum Skill Requirement 25 PPD or 2.5 MPR
• Women’s Minimum Skill Requirement 16.5 PPD or 1.65 MPR
• Qualifier Voucher (See below “Remote Qualifiers for TOC 
Finale” for details)
? Men’s & Women’s CSI: No minimum Game Requirement
• The top skilled 32 Men & 16 Women within the top 1,000 AllStar Rank List positions after completion of 2022 TOC Year
are invited.
o Additional Requirements on DartsTOC.com to register for any 
TOC Event
? Established Stats
? PPD Player Account
? Form W9
• Any player exceeding $599 for a calendar year receives 
1099-MISC for tax purposes.
• Registration: All TOC Events are Pre-Registration. Registration is 
completed & paid by the team captain from their PPD Player Account
at DartsTOC.com.
o Full team entry fees & greens fees are due at registration.
o NO REFUNDS after registration closes.
o See Schedule of Events for event-specific entry fees.
• Player Ratings for Capped Events: Combined Player Rating(CPR) is the 
sum of player ratings of all players on a team. All teams must fit under the cap 
when registering AND at the time of flighting, after registration closes. 

For more information, click on the Event Website link below:

event website