January 16, 2022

Campbellsport Sunday Dart League Meeting

The meeting for the Campbellsport Sunday afternoon dart league will be at Dundee Roadhouse on Sunday, January 16th at 1pm. 

if you cannot attend the meeting, you must sign up on our website by the 14th. This is a large league, so late teams will not be accepted (unless there's a bye to fill). 

We'll need to discuss things at the meeting, so please have 1 representative from your team attend! If you'd like to bring more people, they're welcome to hang out at the main bar while the captains discuss potential changes in the back room. Your teammates are welcome to come to the bar, of course, just please have them stay in the main bar area and not join us for the meeting so that we can get accurate vote counts. Some things that have been brought up to me that we'll be talking and voting on include but are not limited to: splitting into 2 divisions - either by skill level, geographically, or if one wants to play some cricket and the other only '01; cricket in general - do we want to add a couple games to qualify for state (and we'd subtract some '01 then - cricket games DO count for the 60 game state requirement); the party finances - for example, do we do some payouts to each team and keep the rest for the party (the prize fund is VERY large here, and I think we need to discuss this) and if so, do we give each team the same amount or do you want to get paid based on wins - then how much should we allocate for a party fund. There is a rollover amount again from last year's party that I have locked up, and the last couple of years there has been rolloever money.

So we'll be discussing these issues at the meeting. PLEASE have your captain or a representative from your team there so you can have some input. If you don't have someone attend the meeting for your team, you don't get to complain about any changes! :)  Also, discuss these issues with your teammates before the meeting so you can accurately vote to represent your team. Again, please limit this to one player from your team to represent you to keep the chaos to a minimum during the meeting. 

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Sunday, January 16 at Dundee Roadhouse

Dundee Roadhouse
N3086 Highway 67
Campbellsport, WI 53010

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