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December 3, 2021

NDA sanctioning deadline

If you're playing in a PPD TOC league that is NDA approved and you are not a player/sanctioned in any current Midstate Amusements league, but you want to attend NDA Team Dart in Vegas in April, you MUST notify us by Friday, December 3rd and pay $8 so we can manually sanction you by the NDA deadline. 

If you're in one of OUR dart leagues (that are NDA sanctioned), there's nothing you need to worry about.

This is ONLY for players who play in PPD TOC remote leagues and not in one of our NDA leagues. If you do not contact us to be sanctioned and pay us the $8 by December 3rd, 2021, you will not be NDA sanctioned and will be unable to attend Team Dart in Vegas in April.