Dart Tournament

October 15, 2021 - October 17, 2021

PPD Nationals Remote Tournaments

PPD Nationals can be played on any eligible and available Midstate Amusements Arachnid G3 board.

Sign up on www.dartstoc.com. 

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15: Singles – No Cap – Flighted Brackets  

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16: Doubles – 150 Cap – Flighted Brackets

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17: Triples – 210 Cap – Flighted Brackets

Format is Triple Elimination – 16-Player/Team Brackets 

To qualify for the tournaments October 15-17, 2021, you must have played 150 Games (either through Midstate Amusements or PPD Remotes) between July 15, 2021 & October 10, 2021 (see the Vendor Standings page here: https://www.dartstoc.com/RWDTOC/VendorPage.aspx and choose Midstate Amusements as your vendor)

To sign up, you must register and have paid by the team captain from their PPD Player Account $40/Player. Singles Entry Fees $40; Doubles Entry Fees $80; and  Triples Entry Fees $120. Coin Drop  is $1/Game at the board. Go to https://www.dartstoc.com and log into your player account to register. Registration Opens at 10:00am CST on September 8, 2021. 

Registration closes as early as 5:00pm CST on October 12, 2021. The last day to play matches to qualify is October 10, 2021. 

For more information, see the posters or the link below.

event website