Dart Tournament

January 16, 2021

PPD All Star Triples

This is a Triple Elimination Remote Dart Tournament - play at your favorite Midstate bar remotely against teams around the country!

Must pre-register by the deadline

• 3-person (triples) team cap is 210 CPR.
• 3rd Saturday of every month
• $75 entry fee per team with 100% payback.
• Added money: $500 added to each FULL 16 team bracket. If less than full bracket, added money is prorated proportionate to the number of teams in the bracket.

Entries restricted to eligible PPD Remote leagues players. An eligible player is:
A player who has an established player rating (PR) on dartstoc.com.
A player who has played 3 PPD Remote league matches or 2 PPD Remote league matches and 1 Daily Remote Tournaments within the preceding 30 days of registration.
  - NOTE: Eligibility changes daily as new matches come in & old matches fall out of the 30-day window. Eligibility is based on participation within 30 days of registration.
 - NOTE: Makeup matches out of the 30-day range do not count towards eligibility   - NOTE: Played ahead matches do count towards eligibility.  
A player who has established a User Account with a W9 form filed for the current calendar year.
An eligible player must previously establish a PPD Tournament Stat. PPD Admins may adjust non-tournament player’s PR by adding 15% to generate a temporary flighting PR at the time of flighting based on discretion of PPD Admins.

Registration is completed by players using their PPD User Account on www.dartstoc.com. The team captain logs into their account and clicks, “Register for a Major Tournament”. Team captain follows pages to register for the event & is then directed to PayPal to pay for the event entry ($75 per team).

Registration typically opens the 5th Wednesday prior to each All-Star unless circumstances dictate a delay, in which case registration will open as soon thereafter as possible. Players should join and use the PPD’s Facebook group page for updates and information about each tournament. Facebook: Dart Leagues - PPD North America o To ensure full divisions and payouts, registration can close as early as 5pm CST the Thursday prior to each All-Star Event when the number of teams registered is divisible by 16. Otherwise, registration closes at 9pm CST on the Thursday prior to All-Star event.

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