Dart Tournament

January 16, 2021

Handicapped Singles Cricket Tournament

Must pre-register before January 15th to allow time to check average/assign rank class.

$25 Entry per person for the Cheers Handicapped Singles Cricket on January 16th

Advanced payments can be made in person to Joel Cullen or Janine Johnson-Cullen. Payments can also be sent via PayPal to jculle86@gmail.com via Friends & Family or Venmo to @jcullen86


Check in at 11am.

Calcutta begins at Noon

Bracket Draw and Tournament starts at conclusion of Calcutta


All entries will be placed in to one of 9 classes (D,C,B,A,AA, Master, Classic, Pro, Elite) based on current league/tournament averages and known ability based on tournament director discretion.


Tournament will be double elimination, 2 out of 3 on both sides of the bracket. Shooter with higher class rank will have to beat lower ranked shooter by 60 points per class they are above them. For example, if a shooter is 2 classes higher than their opponent, they would have to beat them by 120 points, being able to go out on a tie. The point differential must be accomplished before the game is 'finished' on the board (shooter has all numbers closed out and more/equal points than their opponent)

For more info and all about the calcutta, see the link for details!

event website