Dart Tournament

April 4, 2020

7th Annual Fdl American Legion Swiss Style Dart Tournament


7th Annual FDL American Legion BYOP Swiss Style Tournament

From their Facebook Event: It's getting to be that time of the year again! We are continuing the tradition of holding a tournament to use as a vehicle to fund raise for Veteran's causes.

Early entry fee this year will be $52/team if paid in full by March 28rd (the same day as FDL city tournament) and late entry fees will be $62/team if paid starting March 29th. Entry fees include $20/team entry, $20/team green fee, $10/team donation to support a Veteran to participate in an Old Glory Honor Flight, and $2/team Compusport tournament fee to help simplify final tournament management and provide players with online access to brackets.

The rest of the day and event should be quite similar as years past. Green fees mean boards on free play. The bar will still add $20/team back to the prize fund. With a full field of shooters, we will have 16 dart boards available to keep play moving.  There will be a brat fry running for food as well as additional Veteran fundraising activities through out the day.

After some incidents last year, new this year we are introducing a player code of conduct requirement. By signing up and paying for the tournament, your team agrees to play and conduct themselves by the code of conduct spelled out down below. The code of conduct may seem strict but rest assured we are not looking to remove people from the tournament. However, this is not your typical bar tournament and we are guests in a Veteran's facility. We expect appropriate behavior and the code of conduct will make it much cleaner to deal with any major issues that transpire while minimizing drama (See the link below for more information).

We will use our version of the Swiss style tournament with 2 prelim best of 5 matches to build 3 double elimination tournaments based on results from the prelims. There will be separate double elimination tournaments for teams with 2-0, 1-1, and 0-2 prelim records. The 2-0 bracket will once again play best of 5, 501, double in, double out, split bull. The 1-1 and 0-1 brackets will play best of 5, 301, straight in, straight out, full bull.

Please contact either Paul Strebe (920-602-0092) or Kevin Wagner (920-427-3718) in person/via facebook/or via text to get your spot reserved and make arrangements for payment. This year PayPal (being sure to use the friends and family option) is the preferred payment method as it generates a paper trail and receipt of funds. We plan to cap the tournament at 48 teams and it is first come, first paid. Find your partner and let us know you want to play ASAP.7th Annual 

This is a great tournament with a different format and for a wonderful cause. If you haven't tried it before, definitely make it this year!

American Legion
500 Fond du Lac Ave
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

event website