January 30, 2015

PPD Remote League Information Meeting!

Open to everyone in the Midstate Amusements area: If you have questions about the PPD (Pearl Vodka now Lord Calvert Whiskey & Lady Bligh Rum) Online Remote Leagues and Tournaments and their big Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Kansas City next Fall, come to Woodchucks on Friday, January 30th at 6pm for some quality time with Emily and Alicia!

We're doing it on a Friday so there aren't as many league conflicts and early enough that you can still get to one of the Friday night tournaments if you'd like. We'll be there with tournament posters, handouts explaining everything we'll talk about, and a bunch of other stuff to help you learn what PPD is all about!

Also, we'll have a "special guest" (okay, it's Jeb) who actually attended the big TOC this last Fall and won some money! He can tell you what that big tournament is all about and why you should consider going.

So come out on Friday the 30th, 6pm at Woodchucks to learn all about the PPD, Remote Leagues & tournaments, and the TOC!

Everyone is welcome!

Woodchuck's Bar & Grill
351 Rosalia
Oshkosh, WI 54901