Dart Tournament

September 29, 2013

Youth Dart Tournaments

We'll be running a series of Youth Dart Tournaments on the fourth Sunday of every month this July-September. These three will be held at PJ Magoos in Kewaskum at 3pm. $5 entry fee. Quarters not included. All kids/teens must have a parent or guardian with them. Kids cannot be left unattended. If you're interested in coaching or volunteering, please let us know. If you'd like one of these tournaments near you, we would need a family friendly location and parents to volunteer as coaches and helpers. Kids must be old enough to stand at the line and throw a dart that sticks in the dart board. Maximum age is 20. If we have enough interest, we may split into a younger and older groups for future tournaments. Please contact Emily if you have any questions. 

July 28, August 25, September 29. 3pm. 301. $5 entry per child. Winners will receive trophy. All young participants get a gift, too. Older children may play for prize money.

PJ Magoos
1273 Fond du Lac Ave
Kewaskum, WI 53040