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Fdl Summer Pool League Sign up

April 27, 2015

Summer pool sign up in Fond du Lac is now available online.

2 player teams with a singles (8 games) doubles (2 games) , and scotch doubles format (2 games) -Wednesday or Sunday night.

Taking rosters now until May 6th. First night of league will be May 13th.

Sign up at:

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Varsity Club Friday Pool Tournaments

May 1, 2015

Varsity Club Weekly Tournaments
Friday nights at 7pm - 9-Ball race to 4, double elimination, rack your own, no master, $50 added guaranteed, $15 entry & Fish Dinner $5.00

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Lord Calvert Whiskey & Lady Bligh Rum information

May 1, 2015

(formerly known as Pearl Vodka)

Lady Bligh Rum & Lord Calvert Whiskey Leagues & Tournaments

We are proud to announce that we are joining Partners Promoting Darts! They are a group of operators that run the Pearl Vodka Tournaments and Remote leagues and Tournament of Champions that you may have heard about. The group is called Partners Promoting Darts (PPD), and they run the Pearl Vodka\Lady Bligh Rum\Lord Calvert Whiskey Leagues and Tournaments.

There are 2 different branches of the PPD Pearl Vodka Darts:

The first branch of PPD is the Remote Leagues and Monthly Tournaments that they run.

For leagues, they run an insanely awesome amount of remote leagues. These are known on their website as “Extreme Team.” Players go to the website and sign up for either 2, 3, or 4 person teams at the G3 Bullshooter location of their choice. Sign up for this under the 2014 tab under Extreme Team on their website. Then they choose their day of the week and time. This allows us to offer more league options on different nights and against different people! It's great for our G3s out in the middle of nowhere where there is no league, for players in cities looking for more competition, for small towns that only have leagues 1 day a week, for summer when we don't have too much going on, and for players who want to do just a doubles or 3-man league for a change, too. It just gives everyone more choices. Games and Length: 6 teams play 20 weeks (5 rounds), 7 or 8 teams play 21 weeks (3 rounds), 9 or 10 teams play 18 weeks (2 rounds). You play 501 freeze rule, Cricket, and 501 stacked. All Open In/Open Out. 4 person teams play 15 games each week - each person plays 9 games, last game is 701 stacked. Triples play 12 games. Doubles play 15 games. If there is a conflict with regular traveling leagues, you will be notified as soon as possible to choose a different day of the week, time, or location. Please be aware of the local traveling leagues when you sign up for an Extreme League so that there are no conflicts.

For tournaments, PPD runs a monthly Saturday tourney - their All-Star Series. Players can sign up on their website ahead of time for them, then go to the bar of their choice with a G3, and plug the board with the entry fees. PPD deposits their winnings through PayPal or mails them their winnings (along with some occasional prizes and swag from Pearl Vodka and other sponsors). To qualify to play in the monthly All-Star Series, you will need to play in one of the aforementioned PPD (through the website) remote leagues for 24 games. If you play in the PPD Remote league and qualify to play in the tournament, the first tournament we’d be eligible to play in would be the one on August 9th. See the poster attached here below for more details about the tournaments.

The second branch is the Pearl Vodka Tournament Of Champions. This will be changing to the Lord Calvert Whiskey Tournament Of Champions for 2015.

The Tournament of Champions (or TOC) is the thing a lot of players have been talking about. The Operators (like Midstates) buy vouchers for their players to "earn" during the season (July 15th to July 14th) to go to the TOC in Kansas City in November that year. Once the vouchers for the TOC are sold out, there is no more room for any more operators to join that year. This year, for the November 2014 TOC, all the vouchers were sold. The good news is that we are purchasing vouchers for the November 2015 TOC. The eligibility period for the November 2015 TOC starts July 15, 2014.

All PPD remote games and league games played after July 15th will count towards the 350 game requirement to attend the tournament. All Extreme-Team remote league games count for TOC and All Star Series eligibility requirements for players of PPD member/vendors who own TOC vouchers. Midstate will have vouchers for 2015's TOC which 2015 TOC statistical year starts on July 15th all games after that date will begin to count for 2015's TOC eligibility. Meanwhile, all remote league games count for the 2014 All Star Series eligibility.

Vouchers – what are vouchers? Vouchers are how we are able to send 16 men and 8 women to the TOC in November of 2015. To be eligible to earn one of our voucher, you will need to play 350 games in league. You are able to track your progress on the PDD website under the Pearl Vodka box, choose 2015 (or choose 2014 if you’re nosy and want to see all the data I’ve entered so far), and choose male or female. Now hitting 350 games just makes you eligible for a voucher. To actually win a voucher, you must have the most POINTS. You will need to be in the top 16 qualifying men or 8 qualifying women. Points are earned from playing league, playing in particular tournaments, and winning in particular tournaments. The point system to show you how to earn a voucher is listed in detail on the DartsTOC website.


MORE INFO - If you want more information, I made a (hopefully) helpful video. It’s posted on our website here and on YouTube at but as I have never made a you tube video before, I apologize in advance for its ... lameness and shaky camera.

Here is the new "official" (and only 2 minutes!) YouTube clip from PPD showing you how to sign up:

We’re excited to be a part of the Pearl Vodka and PPD group and look forward to getting you in on these great events! The PPD website is and Facebook Group (which I encourage you to join!) is

If you have any questions about PPD, the TOC, or anything regarding these leagues or point system, please contact Emily at

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Jenz Bar Monthly Saturday Dart Tourney

May 2, 2015

Jenz will be hosting dart tournaments on the first Saturday of every month. $10 per person, 7:30pm start time. Drink specials and free shot for dart shooters

Chicago Style L.O.D. $10 per person. Money added. Free shot and snacks for all shooters plus drink specials!

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Oshkosh Tour Of Tournaments

May 2, 2015

2014-15 23rd Annual Oshkosh Saturday Dart Tour of Tournaments Finale

Sign up 12-1 p.m. -  3 tournaments - $10 entry fee each.

Absolutely no “call-ins” Each person signs themselves up in person

2015 TOURNAMENT FINALE – May 2nd - $500 Added 

MAGNET 519 N. MAIN ST.  235-4880

Requirements for Qualifier-6 or more tournaments  Non-Qualifier-at least 1 tournament

Luck of the Draw to follow the first two tournaments - will start in a timely manner

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Backstage Weekly 8-Ball BCA Tournament

May 3, 2015

Every Sunday at 11:30am, 24 person limit, double elimination. Entry is $12 with $3 greens fee. Bar adds $50 @ 12 players or $125 @ 24 players. Bar will provide food to snack on at noon for pool players. Will soon have 5 Diamond Tables! No player's rating above 625 in Sign up at Backstage bar & grill 920-933-6003 (bar) or with Derek Hoekstra 920-539-1986 (cell) or email

They use a rating system based off with their own handicap system to maintain a fun and competitive weekly tournament and questions contact Derek Hoekstra.

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Backstage Weekly 9-Ball Tournament

May 4, 2015

Every Monday night at 6pm - 24 person limit, double elimination, Entry is $5 and bar adds $3 per person. Played off 5 Diamond Tables with NO GREENS FEE!

No rating above a 600 in Sign up at Backstage Bar & Grill 920-933-6003 (bar) or call Derek Hoekstra 920-539-1986 or email

They use a rating system based off of with out own handicap system to maintain a fun and competitive weekly tournament. Questions, contact Derek Hoekstra.

Monday night Bar & Kitchen specials, too!

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The Magnet Wednesday Pool Tournaments

May 6, 2015

Wednesday Night Handicapped 9-Ball Pool Tournament

-$10 Entry that will include 1 ticket to the break pot
-Break Pot will start at 7pm with the tournament to follow
-BCA Rules
-Race to 4
-Double Elimination

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Fdl American Legion Monthly Friday Dart Tournament

May 8, 2015

This is the $2,100 added final tournament in May. You need to have placed in the top 3 in any of the past tournaments or have shot in any 4 of the 8 to qualify.

Remember that the BSI tournament series is a Pearl Vodka bonus point tournament through Midstate Amusement Games and that the Fox Hole Bar and Grill Fond du Lac is giving away a 1/4 barrel party via a random drawing of entries earned for every tournament you shoot in the series.

We've got a monthly 150% payout event that builds to an even larger final tournament, while we effortlessly support Veteran and community causes by helping to raise money for the FDL American Legion. We put the FUN in fundraising. Please come join us!

As a reminder this is a 150% payout monthly LOD Chicago Style tournament. $10 Entry fee. Play 4 of 8 monthly stages or finish top 3 in any single event and you'll be qualified for the Championship tournament next May! The Championship tournament prize fund has sponsor commitments of $2,100.

We will start a trips pot and have a 50/50 drawing.

"Come join us for a great night of darts and help continue the mission of shooting darts to support the FDL American Legion."

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Guido's Dart Tournament

May 9, 2015

Saturday, May 9th - Dart Tournament at Guido's - sign in 12-1pm shooting to start at 1pm, $5 added per person, food and drink specials! Check out the link below for more info!

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