Dart Tournament

May 12, 2018

Nuthouse True State Warm Up Dart Tourney

The Nuthouse is shaking things up with this year's state warm-up dart tourney! This is a TRUE state warm-up!!! Since just about everyone at state shoots 301/501...this is what they are using for the tourney! Here are the details....

$10.00 entry fee
Luck of the Draw Doubles
Registration opens at 5 PM
Shooting starts at 6 PM
301 with freeze rule
TIE-BREAKER: (if needed for game #5) is 501 stacked
Flip for start
Winner of flip has choice of home or away team
Loser of games start next
TIE-BREAKER: Flip for start. Winner has choice of home or away team

Any questions...PLEASE contact Rita or Kevin Kennedy on Facebook!

The Nuthouse
N5351 County Highway D
Fond du Lac, WI 54937

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