Dart Tournament

March 4, 2017

Cheers Spring Dart Tournament

Bring Your Own Partner Doubles
Sign Up 10am Start 11am
Triple Elimination
3 Divisions
Pro Doubles $40/team $200 Added
Non-Pro Doubles $30/team $200 Added
Women's Doubles $30/team

Mixed Triples 701
Sign Up 3pm Start 4pm
Double Elimination
$45/team $300 Added ...
Double or Bull Out
**One Male Pro Limit Per Team**

**Arachnid and In-house pro lists will be used**

Chicago Style Luck of the Draw
Double Elimination
Sign up 7pm Start 8pm
$10 entry 150% Payout
Minimum $200 Added

Any questions, comments, concerns, please contact:
Joel (920)422-3664
Janine (920)312-1127

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