Dart Tournament

March 6, 2015

DEADLINE for Fdl Area Dart Tournament

Paperwork will be coming out by the end of January for the Fond du Lac Area Dart Tournament, held at the Holiday Inn of Fond du Lac. The deadline to get your paperwork in is March 6th. You must have 36 games played by that date in a league run by Emily. See the paperwork for more details (coming soon).

However, due to the new addition the Holiday Inn is working on, you'll want to get your tournament signup paperwork back to us as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that their building isn't ready, we'll have a limit of 80 teams. We had 77 last year, but this year we have more dart teams. If their new building is ready (and management there seems quite sure it will be!), we aren't even sure what the limit would be - 150? 175? Anyway, that's a lot of teams to allow for growth over the next few years. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and their new addition will have their opening weekend for our tournament!