Dart Tournament

April 26, 2014

Inaugural FDL American Legion Bring Your Own Partner "Swiss Style" Dart Tournament

Saturday, April 26 at FDL American Legion Hall. Check in from 11:00 am - Noon. Start shooting shortly after noon.

This is a Bring Your Own Partner (BYOP) 01 doubles tournament played with a Swiss Style format. Entry fee is $20/team for teams signed up by 4/19 and $30/team for teams who sign up later than 4/19. They are handling sign up in this manner to insure they have sufficient boards available and to allow us an opportunity to do some pre-work for the Swiss Style play format.

You don't have to pay in advance, but you need to sign up and provide: shooters names, 01 ppd averages, league information to allow us to verify your averages.

Please either post on the event page (link below), PM Kevin/Paul through Facebook, or text/call Kevin or Paul to provide the information and documentation of your sign up date.

The Fox Hole bar at the FDL American Legion will add $5/shooter to the prize fund for the day. In addition, they will add an additional $250 bonus to the prize fund, if we can get 50 shooters to show. That means $500 added to the tournament, if at least 50 shooters (25 teams) come out to play!

For those unfamiliar with the Swiss Style format, each team will play 2 preliminary best of 5 matches. Your record from the preliminary rounds will place you into a double elimination tournament where you will play teams with similar records. Double elimination (DE) tournaments will be created for teams that won both of their preliminaries (2-0), won and lost a preliminary match (1-1), and lost both of their preliminary matches (0-2). With early signup and some additional work prior to the preliminaries, they will seed the preliminary matches based on shooter averages to help direct teams to the appropriate double elimination tournaments. This will basically build in some element of handicapping and allow teams of drastically different skill levels to come play and have a chance to win a double elimination tournament by being separated into brackets with teams that will be more closely related in skill levels.

The preliminary matches and the DE tournaments for teams with prelim records of (1-1) and (0-2) will be best of 5 games 301 open in/out. The DE tournament for teams with a (2-0) prelim record will play best of 5 games of 501, double in - double out, with split bull (let's separate the best from the rest).

Paul and I (Kevin) really enjoy this tournament format when we've played at the Random Lake Fireman's picnic during the summer. Shooters of all skill levels get to come together and shoot lots of darts while raising some money for a charity. Better still, everyone has a reasonable shot at winning some prize money by creating 3 separate tournaments at the end. It should be a great tournament to play with your friend, significant other, or maybe even a great practice event for you and your state doubles partner. Don't be afraid to come play in this BYOP tournament. The format will work well for all skill levels. Co-ed and all female teams will have a legitimate chance to win prize money through the separate DE tournaments that grow out of the prelim matches.

You will get lots of darts in during the timeframe when most leagues are finished and we're all searching for ways to keep our games sharp prior to state darts! You're also helping to raise money for the FDL American Legion which supports our troops and the FDL community!

American Legion
500 Fond du Lac Ave
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

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